Morphosi Academy


Morphosi Academy's Unparalleled SAT/ACT Prep Program

Don't let your child get lost in a sea of other students in a tutoring classroom! Come to Morphosi Academy, where a specific, dedicated tutor will focus on your student individually and make him or her accountable for continuously improving!

Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses, and learns in their own way.  This individuality is at the heart of our approach.

Morphosi Academy prepares each student for the SAT or ACT through a focused, individualized program of one-on-one instruction.

We begin with an assessment test that we provide and score for free on any of the Saturday sessions that we conduct. Then, during the first session, we carefully assess not only for gaps in learning, but also for learning styles and cognitive frameworks, and the students knowledge of and comfort level with taking tests.  We combine that information with our armory of STRATEGIC SUCCESS materials to create a completely customized, unique program.

The student then progresses through successive weeks of focused, one-on-one coaching using this customized program.  The program will include: targeted concept review and skill building, test taking techniques and strategies, and cognitive training. Tutoring sessions and homework assignments concentrate on a review of concepts and test taking strategies to combat your student’s individual weaknesses and build upon their strengths. Because there are no other students’ needs to get in the way, the program is constantly adjusted by the tutor to be maximally effective for your child.

Simulated testing experiences familiarize students not just with the material, but with the process.

You wouldn't expect even the most adept actors to perform without a dress rehearsal--and we wouldn't dream of asking your child to take the SAT or ACT without a trial run. During the course of the STRATEGIC SUCCESS preparation program, each student will have the opportunity to take multiple practice tests. This has two purposes. First, the assessment will help the student gage his or her progress and improvement over the weeks preceding the official SAT or ACT test. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it gives the student a chance to become comfortable with the testing experience in advance, so that they can focus on letting their abilities shine during the actual administration. All of the testing sessions are free of charge, but we ask you to register in advance, because our seating is limited!

How do you know if STRATEGIC SUCCESS is right for your child?

The beauty of our STRATEGIC SUCCESS program is that it works according to each student's needs, so there is no situation where a square peg is being forced into a round hole. When we say completely customized, we don't just mean that we focus more heavily on certain areas of math or English, depending on how your child scores on an initial assessment. We use a whole child approach, which additionally takes into account learning style, personality, metacognitive awareness, previous learning experiences, and a host of other factors to make sure we are giving each student exactly the help he or she needs, delivered in the most effective way possible.

Ready to sign up?

We recommend signing up for tutoring for either of these standardized tests well in advance of the actual exam dates. The total number of sessions of SAT/ACT preparation will vary from student to student. Because our program is customized to your particular student, the number of weeks and the number of sessions per week will be determined after the initial assessment test is scored. We will create a recommended program that makes the most sense for your individual student.