Morphosi Academy


Morphosi Academy History

Morphosi Academy is owned by Nick and Reka Athanasiadis who are long standing residents of Medfield. Reka and Nick are involved in town committees and regurarly volunteer their time for town events.

Morphosi Academy opened its doors in 2003 under the name of 'The Math Connection'. It was founded by two engineers who were parents of children attending schools in Medfield and Dover, and who saw a real need for their children to have additional instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math areas. They looked around, but couldn't find any educational services that were providing the kind of flexible, yet high quality training that would truly give their children a leg up. This led them to conduct an intensive investigation into how to do this themselves, and they began using the latest research on how to help students achieve at their maximum potential in academic areas to work with their own children and their friends. Their methods were wildly successful, other parents began to ask if they could work wtih their children, and so they decided to open their own learning center so they could help more students.

Word of Morphosi Academy spread, and with that came growth. It was soon realized there was also a profound need for a better way of reaching students who wanted to improve in English and prepare for various standardized tests. They began to consult with experts on developing the methodology to do so, sought out and hired experienced and innovative pracitioners who shared their vision, and Morphosi Academy began offering instruction in those areas as well.

Today, Morphosi Academy is about so much more than just math. The current owners, Nick and Reka, want each child to excel in a full range of subjects and offer the highest level, research based, support and enrichment in a variety of subjects and standardized test preparation. Additionally, we now offer services focusing on executive functioning skills such as improving attention, organization, time management, and study skills. Many of our students get tutored in more than one subject area and even see more than one tutor. With our flexible scheduling, specialized staff, and private, one-on-one sessions, we are able to provide each student with a unique program that is maximized for his or her own learning needs.