Morphosi Academy

Morphosi Academy ADVANTAGE

The advantage that your student will have in coming to tutor with us at Morphosi Academy is:

1)  First and foremost, we provide a personalized approach. Every student has specific areas in which he or she needs help. One approach does not fit all. We assess the student to ascertain which concepts and strategies need the most focus, and we improve confidence by reinforcing improvement and progress throughout the time with us.

2)  We realize that some students have learning issues or disabilities, and our tutors are knowledgeable and experienced in working with your child to establish a relationship that allows him or her to focus, absorb material better, and receive individualized attention.

3)   All of our tutors have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, whether it is math, English or the sciences.

4)   Each tutor/student is in their own individual classroom with all the privacy they need. Whiteboards, schoolroom type desks and the entire atmosphere lend itself to a productive learning space.

5)   You can request a flexible tutoring schedule to meet your child’s needs (once a week, twice a week, 2-hour sessions). You can target the area of an Advanced Placement Test where tutoring would be beneficial. For example, if the student only needs help on the English portion, we can set him or her up with an English tutor. If the student requires assistance on the entire test, then we recommend having one tutor for English and a second tutor for Math. Either way, we will prepare your student for the areas of the exam where he or she needs help and let him or her review the areas that are excelled in outside of class.

6)   We provide free practice testing for the SAT and ACT on select Sundays. Check our News and Events page or call us at 508-359-0001 for the updated schedule.

7)   Rather than charge you a huge upfront fee for tutoring (even for SAT/ACT prep), you pay as you go. If at some point you feel your child is ready and prepared for the objective that they came in for, you can stop the tutoring at any point.

8)   While other centers may promise guarantees on performance, we stand behind the many happy clients that we have had and their many testimonials. If you would like to speak to a current or past client, just let us know and we will be sure to make that happen!