Morphosi Academy


We would be more than happy to arrange for you to talk to another family about their experience at Morphosi Academy. Just give us a call.

In the meantime, we frequently get letters of appreciation from our students and their families. Below are a few of those letters.

“Morphosi Academy is a godsend to the town of Medfield! An amazingly kind and knowledgable couple with three children of their own, run this business. All of the tutors are exceptional but both of my kids have benefitted greatly from Nick's patience and mastery of all things math! My son started with Nick many years ago to prepare him for the SSATs which helped him get into a great private school! Four years later and Nick worked his magic again with my son's ACT prep. If you are wondering how that worked out, he is now a Freshman at one of the countries best liberal arts universities. We are so grateful to Morphosi Academy!

My daughter also went to Morphosi (obvious choice) when she needed to get ready for the SATs. The tutors understand the differences between the two tests and even have free practice tests available for each student to figure out which one is for them. My daughter took the SAT without any prep and then took it a second time after Morphosi tutoring. Her math went up 90 points (and it was already a pretty good score). Highly recommend!!!!”

Jill B., Medfield

“We love Morphosi Academy. We went to them for SSAT tutoring and saw wonderful results. We're back now for the SATs.

The program is run by a husband and wife team who treat your child like he, or she, is one of their own. They go out of their way to be flexible and accommodating when scheduling. They provide strategy, knowledge and confidence in an environment that makes the student feel comfortable. We highly recommend Morphosi Academy. ”

Susan R., Charlestown

“My daughter went to Morphosi Academy to prepare for the SSAT exam. In just a few tutoring sessions, her scores went from the 50th percentiles to the 90th percentiles. She worked with both Nick and Tony and enjoyed both experiences. Reka is a gem. An excellent experience all the way around.”

Karen V., Medfield

“We are very pleased with Morphosi's approach to tutoring. Our son has worked with Nick on various levels of math and his grades have improved. Nick really cares about his students and he is easy to work with. Reka is very prompt getting back to us on scheduling matters. Overall, a great service for our son.”

M H., Medfield

“We couldn't ask for a more caring, committed place to send our boys for help with their schoolwork. Nick is very patient and really knows how to connect with the kids. I have watched my boys struggle with Math for years. Since they've started working with Nick, they are confident and prepared for their quizzes and tests. Their grades have significantly improved. If you're a parent that is watching your child struggle with their schoolwork, I would highly recommend Morphosi Academy”

Cyndi C., Medfield

“This is THE place to bring your children for help and support with homework or SAT prep. Seriously I don't think my kids would have made it through some of those tough classes without the help they received here. Three of my children have worked with the staff here. Nick and Reka, and all the tutors, are incredible people who really care about your children and their success.”

Anne S., Medfield

“It was our good fortune to find Morphosi Academy when we were looking for a good place to prepare our daughter for her SAT/ACT testing. A free "practice" SAT test offered by Morphosi revealed there was much room for improvement. Through the efforts of Nick & Tony, our daughter's scores improved DRAMATICALLY! I believe this success was obtained not only as result of the excellent tutors, but because of the warm, fun & supportive atmosphere provided by Reka & Nick. This environment was essential to boosting our daughter's confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Morphosi Academy!”

Julie W., Medfield

“The most committed team to help your child achieve his utmost potential. 3 out of our 4 children have been going to Morphosi for everything from physics, math, English, SSAT, SAT and ACT prep. Nick and Reka make the kids feel like they can achieve! Incredibly patient and flexible with changing schedules. My kids felt very relaxed there and never complained once about going. We tried other educational centers, but they always came up short! The owners are personable and it feels like being with family to the kids. All of them are doing very well in school with their continued support. We recommend them without any reservation!!”

Jessica H., Westwood

“Absolutely Fantastic!!! Exactly what my son needed to get back on track with math skills as well as executive functioning. A caring, productive, personal environment for your child to master whatever skills he needs! Highly recommend!”

Ed D., South Walpole

“If you are looking for a quality alternative to the "big box" tutoring establishments I would highly recommend Morphosi Academy. My son worked with Nick and Tony to prepare for the SAT. I am confident that their approach to tackling the SAT helped my son maximaze his potential. His test results were impressive. The office manager, Reka, is wonderful and will work hard to accommodate your needs.”

Jane J., Medfield

“Thank you SO much for thinking of me! You have helped me so much over the years and I know you were a big part of (me) getting into such a wonderful school. Your gift (the Nano) is perfect, considering how much I love music. Thank you so much.”

Lisa M., Westwood

“I would just like to thank Morphosi Academy for helping both of my kids achieve success in math this year. In our family, math is not a strength. Through the help they have received through regular tutoring, PSAT prep, and SAT prep, my daughter has become an A student in Algebra, and my son was able to score in the 700's on the math portion of the SAT last month.

We are very pleased with these results and would highly recommend Morphosi Academy to anyone who is looking for help. My daughter plans to continue coming here while in high school in order to keep on track with her classes and be well prepared when the time comes for the PSAT and SAT. Math has changed from being her most dreaded subject to something she feels accomplished and enjoys. Thank you so much for bringing about this change.”


“Being a strong student in school, with ambitious and seemingly unreachable goals for the future, I was scared of the arduous challenge before me: the SATS. Standardized testing has never been a strength of mine and it seemed to be my Achilles heel in terms of my holistic college application. The first time I took the SATs I wet in entirely blind sighted. I had not done any preparation and wanted to test my knowledge in its raw state. Unfortunately, the unforgettable day my scores were returned in the mail will always be one of my worst memories. I cried for about two hours and was devastated, feeling as if I was watching my dreams crash and burn before me � I was very overdramatic at the time, but it was tough.

But then I came to Morphosi Academy. The constant preparation and push to practice that I had previously lacked sharpened my skills. While the internal motivation had always been there, it was my instructor�s honest caring for my progress and improvement, and the aid/advice I received that made me successful. After Morphosi Academy, my 590 on the critical reading went up 120 points to a 720!

Thank you so much!”


“My son, who does well in math, had taken the SATs a couple of times and could not figure out why he was not doing better in the math section. We had heard of Morphosi Academy and decided to give it a try. He went twice a week for four weeks and then took the SATs again. When we received his score we were absolutely shocked by the improvement. His math score went up 110 points!

That is an amazing increase and we are certain it was a result of the help he got at Morphosi Academy. You went over problems and showed him how to better take the test. We could not be happier with our son�s results.”


“Thank you so much! You have helped me learn multiplication and division in 3 weeks. I�ve been getting better grades in math tests and quizzes. My teacher is SO proud of me. I am doing really good. We are now starting thousands X hundreds. It is very simple. I think I need a little more practice on long division. % are easy.”


“Thank you for the wonderful help you provided to both my sons over the past few years. Your encouragement and training enabled them to approach the whole process of taking the SATs in a more confident and relaxed manner. The numerous practice tests gave them needed experience. The process of taking a practice test and receiving immediate feedback was invaluable in helping them prepare. They both realized large score increases from PSATs to the SATs. I would be happy to recommend Morphosi Academy to any one.”


“I would like to express our deep appreciation to Morphosi Academy for its ability to enhance our son�s math SAT score. Our son, a student at Dover-Sherborn High School, and not a strong math student, achieved a 740 out of 800 after receiving instruction from Morphosi Academy. The support was phenomenal!”


“I would recommend you (Morphosi Academy) to anyone considering taking SATs both in terms of learning specific math skills and gaining confidence through preparation and repeated practice taking the exam.”